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Pregnant mother Marlene Joyce dela Torre caregiver in Sampaloc, Manila came to idol Raffy Tulfo for help concerning her live-in partner Jumel Juanga, 24-year-Old from Bacolod City. According to Marlene, her live-in partner Jumel left her because of a minor reason of breaking the plate. Idol Raffy Tulfo at first doubted her for telling the [...]

The episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action May 31, 2019 featured Gawad Katapatan awardees who are considered Good Samaritan who honestly return personal and valuable belongings to the owner. https://youtu.be/MbqZt–66DY You can comment here on the box below.

Wanted sa Radyo Full episode on May 29, 2019 featured by a couple with a marital problem. The husband Louie John open up the problem with idol Raffy Tulfo while his wife Janessa Manicane is on the line by phone explaining her side to idol Raffy. Watch Video here below and share your comments on [...]

Bringing souvenir to love ones, family and friends is a good traditional practice by Filipinos. Norma Agtarap OFW who brought can foods from abroad as souvenir for her family and love ones but the customs intercepts when arrived at the airport. The thing idol Raffy Tulfo enraged because there are many of the same kind [...]

Pina-retoke ni mister si missis sa malaking halaga upang gumanda, pero hindi naman sya nakikinabang. Seaman husband comes to idol Raffy Tulfo seeking help regarding the problem with her wife. According to him, he spend 120,000 pesos for facial surgery and breast enlargment to make her beautiful and more confident but he is not the [...]

The 24-year-old housewife in San Miguel, Bulacan Irish Nica San Gabriel complained her husband who have secret affair with her youngest sister, Janella Gutierrez. Her husband, Michael San Gabriel, 29-year-old, a mechanic by profession in San Miguel, Bulacan is the subject of complain by his wife, Irish Nica. Irish come to idol Raffy Tulfo and [...]

In this video featured the 48-year old OFW identified as Ma. Constancia Dayag, a domestic helper working in Kuwait who died with the death that remains doubtful until now. Her 24-year-old daughter, Lovelyn Jane Dayag who works as accountant in Angadanan, Isabela is seeking justice for her mother’s death. Lovelyn comes to idol Raffy Tulfo [...]

Being a parent, raising the entire family is hard if you do it alone. This is common reason why many couple agreed that one of them will work abroad in spite of difficulty being away from one another but because of survival reason, there are many are forced to do it. One of the many [...]

Rampant today to hear a story like this. This couple came to “Raffy Tulfo in Action” to settle dispute between two of them. This is one of a kind interesting to watch this couple accusing one another. According to guy, si missis nya may ibang lalaki at sagot naman ng babae mas marami ang ang [...]

Most of the cases, the woman is the victim as a battered wife. But this is a unique cases among the many stories as the man is the victim as battered live-in partner. Khasrodin comes to Raffy Tulfo in Action to seek help from idol Raffy that he wants to escape from his bitter live-in [...]