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FINALLY! China Roces Ipina-Tulfo na si Tim Sawyer

The issue of Vlogger couple China Roces and Tim Sawyer is now in Raffy Tulfo in Action. Recently, China Roces has already complained to former live-in partner Tim Sawyer in Raffy Tulfo in order to solve their problems.

At the beginning of the video, China detailed the source of Tim’s changed behavior. Adding to the change is his alleged big income that he seems to be hiding from her.

Watch the full video below: ( Courtesy by Raffy Tulfo in Action)

It will be recalled that in the very viral Facebook live video of the two, China already mentioned how he caught up with how much Tim earned on YouTube that he did not inform him about.

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China first mentioned to Tulfo that what he wanted was the P100,000 demanded from Tim even though he allegedly made millions on Facebook. Tim clarified this and said that he had already given it to China.

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