Caught on Camera: Man Claimed Government Official Linked to First Lady Lisa Araneta Marcos, Arrested


A group of individuals, including a man and his associates in Pasay City, have been apprehended for allegedly masquerading as government officials. The suspects are accused of coercing business owners into paying “padulas” or bribes under the threat of closure.

An undercover operation, conducted on Tuesday night (March 12, 2024), captured footage of the suspect dining at a restaurant with an unidentified companion. This operation, orchestrated by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (CIDG), culminated in the suspect’s arrest after he was observed receiving money from the accomplice, leading to charges of robbery and extortion.

Additional individuals present nearby during the operation were also apprehended by authorities. Police Lieutenant Colonel Jose Joey Arandia of CIDG-NCR disclosed that the operation utilized a complainant who provided money to the suspects they had been targeting, with negotiations reaching a sum of P5 million.

The suspects and their associates purportedly presented themselves as government officials affiliated with First Lady Lisa Araneta Marcos. However, following verification with the First Lady’s office and multiple complainants, law enforcement initiated action against the suspects.

While Malacañang has yet to issue a statement, the accused individuals have not responded to the allegations against them. CIDG NCR is actively investigating to ascertain the scope and prevalence of their illicit activities.

It should be noted that posing as government personnel and engaging in fraudulent conduct carry severe repercussions, both legally and socially. Those found guilty of such actions may face charges including fraud, extortion, identity theft, or impersonation. Moreover, their credibility and integrity may be severely compromised, leading to distrust and suspicion from authorities, acquaintances, and the public at large.

Watch video here below:

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