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China Roces sent a message to Tim Sawyer, the father of her son, Timothy. She is hoping that Tim will develop a conscience when it comes to providing for their son, according to China. The actress-vlogger accused her ex-boyfriend of neglecting their child financially. China, on the other hand, finished her remarks by stating that [...]

The NBI searches for vlogger Tim Sawyer in his residences in Cavite. An arrest warrant was issued by the family court of Trece Martires against Sawyer after his former partner, model-actress China Roces, filed a complaint against him. The former couple became popular for their vlogs in social media. Last year, one of their live [...]

A woman named Winhelyn Romero asks help to Raffy Tulfo saying that Youtuber Tim Sawyer is the father of her son and that Tim left her during her pregnancy. In the latest episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action, a woman named Winhelyn Zyra Romero sought the help of idol Raffy Tulfo complaining against Tim Sawyer [...]

Tim Sawyer Admitted Having Other Child in Mindanao

YouTube vlogger Tim Sawyer admitted he has a child in Mindanao in his childhood prior his relationship with China Roces with whom he has also a child. Recently, in his Facebook post, Tim Sawyer made a public acknowledgment about his child with a woman surfaced amid the controversial issue of Tim and China Roces. According [...]

YouTube personality Tim Sawyer made a shocking revelation against his partner China Roces claiming he was threatened by his partner for money reason. According to his Facebook post, his live-in partner China Roces threatened him and took video to be used of her to destroy Tim’s personality on the social media. In defense of Tim [...]

YouTube artists couple China Roces and Tim Sawyer becomes the top trending topic in the world of social media following after their live argument that allegedly ended up with the breakup of their relationship. The live video of a couple vlogger that went viral online, China expressed long time concealed sentiment as she doubt her [...]

The best friend of Tim Sawyer comes out after the live quarrel of his friend and partner China Roces to reveal the real attitude of Tim Sawyer. According to Tim Sawyer’s friend in this full video, Tim Sawyer started from scratch with nothing in him the reason that he was there to support Tim as [...]

Famous vlogger China Roces and Tim Sawyer recently makes noise in social media wherein the two engage in fight together. China Roces reveals that Tim Sawyer has a new woman in his life and flirting with other woman. Roces reveals that Tim is willing to leave his wife and son Timothy for the sake of [...]

Famous vlogger Tim Sawyer and China Roces makes noise on social media wherein the two broke up due to Tim Sawyer cheating act with another. According to China, Tim currently acquired assets like house and etc aiming to leave her and son Timothy. China also reveals she also suffers a miscarriage due to Tim abusive [...]

China Roces got trend in social media as the girl featured in the most controversy video by TV5 host Paolo Bediones became viral in micro-blogging site. Last Monday July 28, 2014, China Roces is became hot issue from some bloggers and netizens as the girl featured with host Paolo Bediones recent hottest video online. On [...]