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Here’s How to Donate for the Disaster Relief to Beirut Blast, Know here

Here is how to donate to disaster relief for Beirut blast in Lebanon. Know below.

The organisation partnered with a third-party quality based in Beirut called 3QA . It is to assured that in order to support the fundraising with the due-diligence and monitoring process.

Based on the official website of justgiving.com, it stated that:

“As the donations were pouring in, we were working on crystallizing the best ways for selecting the right NGO’s to send our donations to. Our commitment to transparency and accountability is our core value. To ensure that remains satisfied while we move with the urgency required by the situation, we have put together a thorough selection process for the organisations which will be receiving our funds.”

This is a way how people can help to donate to the disaster relief for Beirut blast that had happened on Lebanon on August 4.
Based on the report, the shockwave was felt up to 240 kilometers away from the blast. As of the initial reports at least 70 people died while 4,000 were injured so far.

Due to this, many structures near the area crumble aside and had took so many lives. In line with this, Just Giving initiated a fundraising campaign for disaster relief in Beirut to provide help to those afflicted by the calamity.

The fundraiser also assured that the transfer of money will be at its fastest, safest and most economical way possible. They will also provide proof of receipt to the public for transparency.

The site also included a breakdown an update on their fundraising.

For donations click this link 👇


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