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Willie Revillame is now trending on social media as he donated a huge amount of money to the jeepney drivers who lost their job due to coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. As we all know, Willie Revillame is a very generous man when it comes to people who cannot afford such things he is always there to [...]

Here is how to donate to disaster relief for Beirut blast in Lebanon. Know below. The organisation partnered with a third-party quality based in Beirut called 3QA . It is to assured that in order to support the fundraising with the due-diligence and monitoring process. Based on the official website of justgiving.com, it stated that: [...]

South Korean band BTS donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter (BLM) in support of US protests against police brutality declaring “we stand together” against racial discrimination, #BlackLivesMatter Big Hit Entertainment, told Reuters on Sunday. credits to Soompi On Thursday, BTS members posted on its Twitter account that they are against racism and violence with [...]