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Xian Gaza Disappointed Over His Photo Paired with Nadine Lustre

Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza felt disappointed upon seeing the photo of him used by the Philippine Star to pair with the young actress Nadine Lustre.

In a report of the Philippine Star headline news, Xian appeared offering a Valentine’s gift of a Mustang Sport Car to Nadine Lustre, but what makes the businessman disappointed is the picture of him paired with Nadine Lustre in their headline news.

Xian Gaza

Noticeably, the photo of Xian paired with Nadine Lustre is where he appeared with handcuff bound on his hand together.

In a reply post of Xian, he expressed sentiment towards the photo of him used by the Philippine Star.

“Umikot ako sa iba’t-ibang bahagai ng mundo para magkaroon ng magagandang litrato tapos ang itatabi niyo kay Nadine eh yung nakaposas ako sa presinto? Grabe kay. Hustisya.”

Of course, nobody will be happy if you can see yourself with the inferior picture paired with the woman you intend to be your lover.

Nobody can blame Xian if he complained in the social media. Imagine, he went everywhere to get a good pose of his pictures and yet, in times that he wanted to get a good score with Nadine Lustre when he expresses his feeling to the woman he desired to be his lover seems to be controversial.

Xian shout out of justice!

What can you say to Xian Gaza? If ever you’re in his part, would you also be happy with the same photo paired with the woman you wanted to have relationship with? Write your comments here on the space provided below and join the discussion here.

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