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Xian Gaza Offers Giant “Bouquet of Mustang” for Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre is now single and free after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend James Reid.

After her ending her love story with the actor, Nadine, as she said earlier will focus on her career and personal growing to become more matured individual. While she doesn’t want to be in the market for another love affair, yet a lot of guys have tried to establish a connection to form possible relationship with the young actress.

One of these guys in the line is no less than but the controversial businessman Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza who was also known for his links to popular artist in the past.

Xian took to his Facebook page and share photos of a giant bouquet with the red-black Mustang sport car in the middle. And do you know how much it costs here in the country? The cheapest brand new of Mustang price will make your face frown after learning that it costs nearly P3 million pesos. But Xian never thinks about the amount of money he will spend if it’s that way he will win the heart of Nadine Lustre.

On his Facebook account, a couple of photos he shared with the caption reads,

The common thinking of the people is of course Xian also knows it that seems to appear he is buying the love of the actress. That’s why Xian was explaining it on his post that he is not doing that to influence the feelings of Nadine with his offer but he said he is giving the Mustang to Nadine because he is rather rich now.

We all agree that the gift of Xian is a very expensive gift. But wait, what will be the reaction of the actress to the Valentine’s gift of Xian?

Let’s find it in the next issue.

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