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Xian Gaza regrets buying Mustang for Nadine Lustre?

Famous Internet personality Xian Gaza shows regression from buying Mustang as Valentine’s gift for Nadine Lustre after he sees this recent photo. As we remember before the Valentines day Xian Gaza, the famous personality and businessman that is known for scam activities have gained online reports after giving his grand gift for Nadine Lustre. Gaza [...]

Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza felt disappointed upon seeing the photo of him used by the Philippine Star to pair with the young actress Nadine Lustre. In a report of the Philippine Star headline news, Xian appeared offering a Valentine’s gift of a Mustang Sport Car to Nadine Lustre, but what makes the businessman disappointed is [...]

Breaking news actress Nadine Lustre and Thai actor Denkhun Ngamet will be paired together in a dreamscapes project here in the Philippines. This is first time the actress will be paired to a foreing actor in a project and the actress expressed her excitement towards the said upcoming team up. Meanwhile the Filipino fans did [...]

Nadine Lustre is now single and free after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend James Reid. After her ending her love story with the actor, Nadine, as she said earlier will focus on her career and personal growing to become more matured individual. While she doesn’t want to be in the market for another love affair, [...]

Celebrity actress Nadine Lustre posted on her Instagram a short video clip in Brazil which the netizen believe her pose is for a muse in Brazil 2020. The post of Nadine caught the attention of the netizens as fans and followers of the 26-year-old expressed appreciation in support to the actress in her new journey [...]

Viva Artists Agency, Inc. break silence following after the report that Nadine Lustre terminated her contract with the Viva Artists Agency, Inc. Yesterday, January 27, 2020, a Press Statement was released by Kapunan and Castillo Law Office informing the public that Nadine Lustre has already left Viva Artists Agency, Inc. In connection to this, Viva [...]

Celebrity ex-couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre capture in a camera sweet together in a party. The breakup of Nadine and James is a real proof that ex-lovers can be in good relationship even if the two are already separated their ways. Most of the comments from the netizens express good luck and best wishes [...]

Issa Pressman is placed in the hot seat linking her to James Reid and Nadine Lustre breakup tagging the model-actress as the third party in the relationship. That rumors also believed by the netizens in the online world. Her sister Yassi Pressman defending her, took to her Instagram account and post reply to the issue stoned against his sister [...]

Issa Pressman seems to be the most affected person of James Reid and Nadine Lustre breakup tagging her as the third party which rumors also believed by the netizens in the online world. Her sister Yassi Pressman reacted on her Instagram post in reply to the issue stoned against her and defend her sister Issa [...]

Most of the people in the online world believes that Issa Pressman is the woman behind the breakup of Jadine loveteam. In response to the controversial issue that drags the 24-year-old Filipino-British model and actress into the controversial breakup of Nadine Lustre and James Reid, her sister Yassi Pressman took to her Instagram account to [...]