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In this generation, tattoos and body piercings are one of the beauty trends in the world usually worn by public figures such as celebrities, athletes, and people within the fashion industry. https://www.instagram.com/p/CACHA0AJY9N/?igshid=964ihp3d5wl4 Nadine Lustre, a Filipina celebrity, is one of those people who has tattoos. A Facebook user, Yvone JaDine Alamag, uploaded several photos of [...]

People usually think that being a celebrity means that their lives are in a cloud nine. People think that they probably have everything they could ever wish for since they earn much money and can travel anywhere they want. However, Nadine stated that celebrities like her don’t usually get ‘everything’. Most of us tend to [...]

Jobert Sucaldito, a Talent manager/radio host has filed an illegal dismissal complaint against DZMM following issue with Nadine Lustre. Jobert has reprimanded Nadine on his radio program Showbuzz. This was after the actress slammed the entertainment columnist Ricky Lo who confirmed her breakup with James Reid. Because of that, the columnist received bashing from the JaDine [...]

You can now watch Nadine Lustre training some stunt routine of the upcoming ABS-CBN teleserye “Burado,” producer Dreamscape Entertainment. Nadine Lustre joining Zanjoe Marudo, Paulo Avelino, Julia Montes, and Thai actor Denkhun Ngamnet. The ABS-CBN teleserye “Burado” other cast are Carmi Martin, Angel Aquino, Joko Diaz, Ina Raymundo, Lotlot de Leon, Matet de Leon, Raymond [...]

Viral Pose of Nadine Lustre: Muse of Brazil 2020

Celebrity Actress Endorser Nadine Lustre posted on her Instagram a short video clip in Brazil, and they believe that she posed is for a muse in Brazil 2020. Nadine the 26-year-old actress post caught the attention of a lot of fans and followers as they appreciate and support the actress in her journey after the [...]

Xian Gaza regrets buying Mustang for Nadine Lustre?

Famous Internet personality Xian Gaza shows regression from buying Mustang as Valentine’s gift for Nadine Lustre after he sees this recent photo. As we remember before the Valentines day Xian Gaza, the famous personality and businessman that is known for scam activities have gained online reports after giving his grand gift for Nadine Lustre. Gaza [...]

Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza felt disappointed upon seeing the photo of him used by the Philippine Star to pair with the young actress Nadine Lustre. In a report of the Philippine Star headline news, Xian appeared offering a Valentine’s gift of a Mustang Sport Car to Nadine Lustre, but what makes the businessman disappointed is [...]

Breaking news actress Nadine Lustre and Thai actor Denkhun Ngamet will be paired together in a dreamscapes project here in the Philippines. This is first time the actress will be paired to a foreing actor in a project and the actress expressed her excitement towards the said upcoming team up. Meanwhile the Filipino fans did [...]

Nadine Lustre is now single and free after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend James Reid. After her ending her love story with the actor, Nadine, as she said earlier will focus on her career and personal growing to become more matured individual. While she doesn’t want to be in the market for another love affair, [...]

Celebrity actress Nadine Lustre posted on her Instagram a short video clip in Brazil which the netizen believe her pose is for a muse in Brazil 2020. The post of Nadine caught the attention of the netizens as fans and followers of the 26-year-old expressed appreciation in support to the actress in her new journey [...]