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Viral Online: Single Netizens Date her Virtual Boyfriend on Valentines

The video of the netizen who was with her Virtual boyfriend went viral and earned different reactions.

February is the month of love were in we celebrated Valentine’s Day and a special day for everyone who is in a relationship and in love.

But the sad reality not everyone is blessed when it comes to love and relationship. 

It is a bittersweet moment for those who are happy and at the same time sad with their relationships. In spite of that, it is unavoidable for every couple to fight with each other.

Single Netizen

In the video uploaded by the netizens named Alvin Monleon went viral this Feb 13.

As it is seen in the video the boyfriend was cuddling his girlfriend. And her friend was swaying them with their intended romance.

Alvin said in his post; ” SANA ALL MAY KA VALENTINES.”

As you heared on the video. The woman’s voice in the video was teasing the two especially Valentine’s Day is coming. Also, the man was persuading and caressing her girlfriend to resolve their misunderstanding.

A lot of single viewers just commented “Sana All” and anticipating to have celebrated Valentine’s Day also. As of now, the video has gathered over 30, 000 reactions and over 32, 000 shares in social media in just less than a day.

What can you say about this? Share your thoughts and comments in the discussion box below.

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