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The video of the netizen who was with her Virtual boyfriend went viral and earned different reactions. February is the month of love were in we celebrated Valentine’s Day and a special day for everyone who is in a relationship and in love. But the sad reality not everyone is blessed when it comes to [...]

He is just a little boy but speaks like an old man.  Carlo Mendoza is his name. He came to Maharlika Village in Taguig to visit his sister Princess.  Just like most of the netizens who have watched his video, bystanders took video on him enjoyed the more while listening on him expresses himself of [...]

CONGRATULATIONS! Your hard work and perseverance for a long period of time has its unrivalled reward when you can see your name from the list of passers posted below. We all know that the Pharmacist Board Exam is one of the hardest professional examinations to pass. Nevertheless, with all your effort, hard work, perseverance, prayer [...]