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BREAKING NEWS: Chinese Police Shooting Down Coronavirus Patients in China, Actual VIDEO Goes Viral

Viral video circulating online featuring the shooting incident of the alleged coronavirus patients shoot by the Chinese police in China.

The said video clip of Chinese police shooting coronavirus patients in China goes viral spreading like wildfire in social media.

As you can see it in the video, police wearing virus protective equipment are the alleged suspects of shooting the victims with more than 25,000 people killed.

Here is the caption together with video that says…

“Over 25,000 killed they have started shooting down all the people with the virus in China (video shared by a reliable source in China)” the caption wrote.

Watch video here:

However, our team doubts of this video if this is really true captured video from the actual reliable source or fabricated combined clips compiled into a single video.

JUST IN: Chinese Police Shooting Down Coronavirus Patients in China is FAKE NEWS

We will be investigating the video with our IT professionals, the technical team expert of scrutinizing video to determine the genuine from the fake one.

We will be updating this page or make a follow news report to confirm the credibility of this video.

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