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James Reid Cheated on Nadine Lustre in a Relationship with Issa Pressman

The breakup issue of Nadine Lustre and James Reid caught the attention of netizens anew after rumoured breakup last few weeks.

Recently, rumours of James Reid and Issa Pressman relationship is the most trending topic in Twitter and Facebook following after the photos circulating in social media that James Reid is kissing with Issa Pressman.


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In Facebook, a netizen with FB account “Soonjane Lee” it appears in the caption that James Reid cheated on Nadine Lustre of having affair with Issa Pressman, the sister of Yassi Pressman.

On the following sentence of the caption stated there about the unidentified person who was present during the event where James and Issa caught on camera kissing each other just right behind Nadine Lustre confirming the issue. The Facebook post also narrated that the sister of Issa, Yassi knows about the budding affair of James and her sister.

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Coincidently, the rumoured relationship between James Reid and Issa Pressman becomes the hot topic issue together with the revelation and confirmation of James Reid and Nadine Lustre breakup that featured on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” evening showbiz talk show.

During the TWBA showbiz talk show, host and TV endorse Boy Abunda revealed the proof of breakup of the celebrity couple by reading the Joint Statement in the breakup of Nadine and James before the studio audience which also the same issue went viral online.

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Here is the original caption of the Facebook post of Soonjane Lee.


So apparently this is trending on Twitter.
This time, it was alleged that JAMES REID cheated on NADINE LUSTRE with ISSA PRESSMAN, the sister of YASSI PRESSMAN.

According to an unidentified person who was within the same event and venue with James, Nadine, and Issa… James and Issa were kissing just right behind Nadine. According to her, Yassi knew about the ongoing affair of James and her sister, Issa and that they were only including Nadine in their circle for the “clout.”

Even Fashion Pulis made several “blind items” without revealing their identity at first, but later on admitted that the couple behind the article entitled “Road to Nowhere” was true, JADINE.

Imagine getting cheated on by people who are within the same circle of “friends.”

Netizens express sentiments over the issue of James Reid and Issa Pressman relationship and the breakup of James and Nadine.

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