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EXPLOSIVE: Netizen Revealed How James Reid and Issa Pressman Starts Relationship

The rumored relationship of James Reid and Issa Pressman becomes the most talk issue circulating on the online world just this week following after the photos of the two kissing right behind Nadine Lustre the same that spread like wildfire in the internet.

According to the netizen who made revelation how James Reid and Issa Pressman started relationship as hinted in the article published in a celebrity website.

The article started a story how the relationship of Nadine Lustre and James Reid under threat as rumored breakup issue becomes the most talk online after several personalities confirmed their breakup. It is also said in this article that there are people who are not willing to accept their relationship that also triggers breakup issue.

James Reid, is no doubt a good looking actor and very talented. His look and talent is his great asset in the showbiz industry that his fans are so proud of him. James is a smart person that knows how to charm play his card right. This is one among the many reasons that Nadine Lustre seems to be always in a compromised situation under threats against other women who would take advantage of James cordial personality. No doubt, James is doing all his best to show to Nadine that he is loyal to their relationship, yet the actress could not be complacent with the threats within her circle.

Rumors comes out that within the circle of celebrity friendship, Issa Pressman comes to the scene, hangout with the couple, watching their shows and talking with them innocently. Report also said that there are times that Issa is following James without Nadine and nobody thinking of the malice. She is looking a chance to establish closeness with James until such time she knows that James lack of any long-term plan of relationship. Issa waited another moment to have intimate with James.

One moment, Issa found an opportunity that Nadine would not be coming in the party. Nadine will have an out of town trip during the time. Issa who find ways to establish intimacy with James, the moment Nadine was not around Issa desire to have James close to her is almost possible without the knowledge of Nadine.

The intimacy of James and Issa seems to succeed as plan by her. According to the report, Issa connives to make James drunk enough and take advantage over the opportunity. Even if Issa knows that fans and supporters of JaDine loveteam can be harsh against her if they sense a possible third party, Issa never mind of them, she is willing to be bashed in social media only she can get what she wants to James to herself.

Following this publication was the viral report that James and Issa is having a kiss scene during a party that went viral online.

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