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“KARMA’S A BITCH”: James Reid Ex-Girlfriend Ericka Villongco Reaction Amid Breakup with Nadine Lustre

Ericka Villongco a singing duo partner of Krissy & Ericka, her name is setting the online world ablaze after ex-boyfriend James Reid and Nadine Lustre confirmed by the issued Joint Statement on their breakup.

James Reid ex-girlfriend Ericka Villongco took her Instagram account and posted her reaction over breakup of her former boyfriend James Reid with Nadine Lustre.

YouTube vlogger and beauty enthusiast Ericka seems to put a shade at her ex-boyfriend James Reid on her Instagram post. On her IG post reads…

“my dm is flooded w ‘did u hear??’ ‘what do u have to say about..’ “he$ a cHeateRr’ this is me rn letting the news speaks for itself”

Citing the rumors that there was a third party behind the JaDine’s breakup. Her post accompanied with the photo of Kylie Jenner with the caption highlighted saying…

“god spared me”, “karma’s a bitch” and “LOL”.

Ericka Villongco post amid James Reid Nadine Lustre breakup

In addition to the excitement, her sister Krissy Villongco also tweeted saying…

“This feels like dejavu hahaha”.

This feels like dejavu hahaha

— Krissy ☪ (@Krissyonfire) January 21, 2020

Her post on Twitter prompted the netizens to assume that Krissy want to convey a message pertaining to the breakup of JaDine which issue is the most talk topic since yesterday.

Meanwhile, some other netizens in the online world had notice differently from their posts, saying that Villongco sisters are trying to put their names to the online buzz.

To recall the former issue, Ericka was involved in a viral issue last year with Nadine to whom she accused the actress of being a copycat.

We also attached in this page the video of Krissy & Ericka’s MYX Mo! performance on 2012, “12:51”, watch here:

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