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Watch Viral Now: James Reid Caught Kissing Issa Pressman “Naglalandian Moments” Behind Nadine Lustre Back

James Reid and Nadine Lustre confirmed their break up lately due to alleged unsetteled differences between the both of them, but some speculates that James clearly cheated on Nadine and had an affair with Issa Pressman.

The said revelation was entrusted to Boy Abunda in his program “TWBA” or Tonight With Boy Abunda.

Issa Pressman was the sister of Yassi Pressman or “Alyana” in Probinsyano.

The the video you can witness their is a party where James and Issa were present and enjoying each others company. You can notice that the two had been flirting with each other and kissing behind Nadines back.

Which mean Nadine has no knowledge that the two were doing something fishy without her notice.

A netizen commented in the social media which quotes

But the two clarified that the two decided to break up to reach their goals more in life, which intrigues the people and their fans because it might be a cover up for the James and Nadine image to preserve their career.

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