Raffy Tulfo in Action: Grade 1 Student Pinhiya Raw Ng Principal Dahil Sa 3k! April 16, 2019 Episode

Seth Cortez

Raffy Tulfo in Action is public service affairs program that helps many Filipinos who have complaints and troubles. This program is very informative and filled with moral and lesson. OFWs who are abused and mistreated by their employers were being rescued from their miserable condition. Hosted by Raffy Tulfo, here’s another episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action.

The complainant in this episode is named Jasper Mariz Ishiwata who complains about Our Lady of Lourdes School in Novaliches who made her daughter write a promissory note that promises to pay her tuition fee worth 3,000 pesos which is against the law according to Dep Ed. The complainant would not back off in filing a case against the school because she does not want the same incident to happen on other students in the future despite of the school making arrangements for her withdrawing the case. For more details, please watch the video attached in this article. Part 1 and 2.

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Credits to video: Raffy Tulfo in Action, Youtube

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