Raffy Tulfo in Action: Mga Trabahador, Kulang Kulang ang Sahod at Benepisyo! April 15, 2018 Episode

Raffy Tulfo in Action is public service affairs program that helps many Filipinos who have complaints and troubles. This program is very informative and filled with moral and lesson. OFWs who are abused and mistreated by their employers were being rescued from their miserable condition. Hosted by Raffy Tulfo, here’s another episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action.

The complainant in this episode were a group of workers led by Jay-ar Navarro who complains about their employer who does not pay them in minimum wage with no social benefits like SSS, Pag-ibig and Phil health and 13th month pay. The complainants were working 8 hours a day for only 500 pesos but the minimum wage in Manila is 537 pesos. Raffy Tulfo in Action talked to the management but they said they refuse to agree to the complainants and just want to deal it legally.

For more details, please watch the video attached in this article.

Credits to video: Raffy Tulfo in Action, Youtube

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