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Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018- Esang De Torres As John Legend Singing “All of Me”

Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018 brings you the performance of young artist who imitate the choice artist local or international assigned to them every episode. This show is very entertaining, sometimes funny and astonishing because of the very adorable performance of the contestants. Here’s another episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.

The performer in this episode is the young singer, Esang De Torres who showed her very best act who imitated John Legend singing the song, “All of Me”. She acted and sang like John Legend. She also played the piano that it made the judges and audience admired her performance. Even Esang imitated a Male artist, she did the performance very well.  The judges commented that her performance is really beautiful. For more details, please watch the full video below.

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Credits to video: Your Face Sounds Familiar, Youtube

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