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FULL VIDEO: Maria Ozawa Seeks Help from Raffy Tulfo Against Uber Driver named “BEN”

Maria Ozawa seeks help from Raffy Tulfo over complaint vs Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNV) driver and she was harass through text. Using telephone, the Uber driver named “Ben” apologies to Maria Ozawa.

Watch the full video below: (Credit to TV5)

According to Ben, “I’m sorry ma’am I did that without any intention or harassing you. I just saw you in my inbox. For now, I am banned driving in Uber.”

Maria Ozawa replied to Ben, “Imagine woman all over the country not having the voice to step up and share about the incident they went through diba? So I hope I helped a little to prevent problems like that and hope the driver learned his lesson, and that this will be a wakeup call to all service companies and not just Uber.”

Credit Photo by News5

“I experienced very seriously and made a opportunity for me to explain what had happen and to be the ‘voice’ of ALL THE WOMAN out there who experience the same incident or more worse, “Maria Ozawa added.

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