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PHOTOS: Mayon Volcano Raises Alert level 4, says PHIVOLCS

DOST-PHIVOLCS release statement of notice for the raising of Mayon Volcano’s status from Alert Level 3 (increased tendency to hazardous eruption) to Alert Level 4 (hazardous eruption imminent). The Mayon Volcano in Albay Province continues to seismic unrest, lava fountaining and summit explosions.

DOST-PHIVOLCS is raising to Alert Level 4 (Mayon Volcano) because the Danger Zone is extended to 8 kilometers radius from the summit vent. According to DOST-PHIVOLCS, the public is strongly advised to be vigilant and desist from entering this danger zone. Civil aviation authorities must also advise pilots to avoid flying close to the volcano’s summit, as ash from eruptions can be hazardous to aircraft.

PHIVOLCS maintains close monitoring of Mayon Volcano.

See the list of photos below publish by PHIVOLCS: (Mayon Volcano Lava Fountaining January 23, 2018 01:32 AM)

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