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Watch: Fr. Rizalino Jose, the Priest Stabbed Several Times During the Homily

Early morning on Sunday, April 30, 2017 about 6:00 in the morning, unexpected incident is taking place during the first mass with Fr. Rizalino Jose who was assigned to give the homily at Maria Reyna ng mga Apostoles Parish.

Man Alleged Stabbing Pries

Man Alleged Stabbing Pries

Unexpectedly, during the mass, there was man comes up to the altar with the knife in his hand where Fr. Lino was standing before the pulpit he used every time he delivers the sermon. Before the man come approach to Fr. Lino, one of the lay ministers was trying to approach the man to stop the possible evil he is doing against the priest. But the alleged suspect pointed the knife to the lay minister the reason he immediately step backward and the entire congregation went panic.

The suspect then, proceeded to get closer with Fr. Lino and immediately stubbing the priest for several times. According to the testimonies of the witnesses, the Bible in the hand of Fr. Lino saves his life from the incident. Because of that, many of the witnesses then were thankful that God saves Fr. Lino from evil.

When the suspect gets out from the church, the people arrested him and bring him to the nearest Police Station for proper investigation that leads of knowing the suspect that he is suffering from mental disorder.

This post was originally seen from the concern netizen with her Facebook account under the name Michelle Bangcaya Oriel, which posts with two alleged vides immediately went viral after posting that earned tens of thousands likes and shares.

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