Inventive Filipino Makes this Tricycle Runs in Water Called “Salamander Amphibious Tricycle”

Filipino will not left behind when it comes to creativity. What you can see in this video is latest invention of the popular Filipino exterior designer Mr. Atoy Llave with his new creation called “Salamander Amphibious Tricycle” by H20 Technologies.

This idea is believed to be unique and useful in the country during the time of flood especially in the city of Manila where most of the Filipino people can experience heavy flood water. This Amphibious Tricycle can ran both on the highway and deep water as demonstrated here on the video (Click link to watch).

Many people then believed that this invention will make a name and bring prestige not only to the one created this Amphibious Tricycle but to the whole world as well.

Now, if you fond of car customization, this one would be the next to consider. This is really unique and great invention of a Filipino, proving to the whole world how genius, creative and innovative the Filipinos are.

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