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“Donekla in Tandem” re -released a video in connection with Donnalyn Bartolome’s controversial “1 Million Peso Challenge” Vlog. It will be remembered that Tekla reacts when he was suddenly out of the challenge even though he followed Donnalyn’s rules. As a result, some netizens who watched the challenge in which Tekla was accused of being [...]

The real story behind Donnalyn Bartolome’s controversial vlog has emerged. What most people thought was Marco Gumabao and Super Tekla’s insult to Donna was just a prank. Because of the said Vlog, Marco and Tekla were criticized. However, Marco has not yet issued a statement regarding the issue. Tekla, on the other hand, preferred to [...]

Why is DoLaiNab Signing Off? #DoLaiNabSigningOff

Actress/YouTuber Donnalyn Bartolome uploaded a video of her YouTube channel saying there is no DoLaiNab anymore. DoLaiNab is composed of Donnalyn Bartolome, Jelai Andres, and Zeinab Harake. Bartolome tweet, “Just cause it ended, doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. #DoLaiNabSigningOff details in the new vlog.” Watch her YouTube video below: “DoLaiNab is signing off (Why we [...]

YouTube vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome confronted the clairvoyant Rudy Baldwin to know who will be the next vlogger on her vision as she hinted in her prediction that another vlogger to be involved in an accident after the death of Lloyd Cadena. As to recall, Rudy Baldwin has made a noise in the world of social [...]