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The alleged alien was captured on Cam in San Roque, Victoria in Laguna by Kagawad Nestor Jaurigue. The creature is caught by cell phone camera  during their clean-up drive after the Typhoon Glenda’s devastation. According to kagawad, he was shocked when he saw the creature appeared on his captured photos, he is also believed that [...]

Chalet Roofdeck L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod City

Chalet Roofdeck L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod

                  Among the lists of beautiful places to visit in the city of Bacolod, you can’t afford to go back home without experiencing of viewing the entire city atop the roof deck of Chalet in L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod. Chalet Roofdeck of L’Fisher Hotel offers open viewing to [...]

Campuestohan Bacolod City

                Children usually love swimming. One of the most exciting adventures for children in Campuestohan Highland Resort is to experience swimming in the pool. With their amenities for children, I’m sure they will enjoy to the max. They have the pool designed for children to ensure their safety [...]

Campuestohan Highland Resort

                  Visiting to the Campuestohan Highland Resort is just like giving your children a total satisfaction during vacation day. Campuestohan Highland Resort has new amenities for children’s enjoyment where they can play together with their friends and new conversant. Your children have a lot of things to [...]

Merci's Butterscotch

                Butterscotch is usually present as a part of dessert during the party. Like you, I love to eat Butterscotch after the meal. The perfect blend of brown sugar and butter as the main ingredients of butterscotch, as boiled together to the soft crack stage make it tasty [...]

BARQUILLOS: Merci Pasalubong Center

Barquillos Merci

                Speaking of “Pasalubong” Bacolod’s PIAYA and BARQUILLOS is always among the priority lists to buy to give to family and love ones when someone is going back home from Bacolod. Because of these two top Pasalubong delicacies Bacolod has been known for how many years and will [...]

BISCOCHO: Merci Pasalubong Treats

Biscocho Merci

              Biscocho is one of the best Pasalubong you can bring from Bacolod City. There many favorite Pasalubong you can bring to your family and love ones but when you taste Biscocho made of Merci Bakeshop I’m sure you can always remember Bacolod because of its unique experience of [...]

PIAYA: Merci Pasalubong Center

Piaya Merci Pasalubong Treats

                Piaya is one of the best Pasalubong you can bring from Bacolod City. There are many Piaya maker of Bacolod but you can be sure without compromising the taste if you buy Piaya from one of the best Pasalubong Center in the city. Bring Pasalubong for your [...]

Merci Pasalubong Center Bacolod

Pasalubong Center, Merci

                  Merci Pasalubong Treats is one of the best Pasalubong centers in the city of Bacolod. Merci products is Bacolod’s best to give as “Pasalubong” to the family, love ones and friends. If you come to visit the city of smile, one of the best experiences is [...]

Check Inn Pension Arcade

                  One of the features of Check Inn Pension Arcade show off is the Rooftop Garden. This beautiful landscape in the rooftop of Check Inn Pension is the best place to relax while you enjoy your stay. It’s just like that you are at your own home [...]