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Video: Alien Caught In Camera Read More Stories About Here!

The alleged alien was captured on Cam in San Roque, Victoria in Laguna by Kagawad Nestor Jaurigue. The creature is caught by cell phone camera  during their clean-up drive after the Typhoon Glenda’s devastation.


According to kagawad, he was shocked when he saw the creature appeared on his captured photos, he is also believed that the creature caught in cam is also a alien; due to its appearance. The creature’s appearance is usually seen in Sci-fi movies.

But according to the experts, the creature appeared in photographs is also a product of technology. It is a product of free mobile application where you can add alien stickers on your photo.

This scenario is not the first time happens. In Bacolod City they caught on camera an alien who standing beside an employee in Bacolod City Treasure’s Office.

Whether real or not, this happens was proven the articles regarding to the aliens are very popular nowadays.

We cannot blame the people to never believe that unusual news especially aliens because we use our imagination using the technology to make it popular or interest especially money purpose.

Meanwhile, the Laguna Government is still continuing the Clean-up Drive operation because of Typhoon Glenda.


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