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FINALLY! China Roces Ipina-Tulfo na si Tim Sawyer

The issue of Vlogger couple China Roces and Tim Sawyer is now in Raffy Tulfo in Action. Recently, China Roces has already complained to former live-in partner Tim Sawyer in Raffy Tulfo in order to solve their problems. At the beginning of the video, China detailed the source of Tim’s changed behavior. Adding to the [...]

YouTube personality Tim Sawyer made a shocking revelation against his partner China Roces claiming he was threatened by his partner for money reason. According to his Facebook post, his live-in partner China Roces threatened him and took video to be used of her to destroy Tim’s personality on the social media. In defense of Tim [...]

YouTube artists couple China Roces and Tim Sawyer becomes the top trending topic in the world of social media following after their live argument that allegedly ended up with the breakup of their relationship. The live video of a couple vlogger that went viral online, China expressed long time concealed sentiment as she doubt her [...]

Top Trending topic online! Tim Sawyer breaks silence to his own wife’s accusations against him as “GAHAMAN sa PERA.” On his Facebook page, Tim explained his side after the rumor that he and China are fighting over money. He said that since July, he and his wife have been having issues with the things they [...]

Famous vlogger China Roces and Tim Sawyer recently makes noise in social media wherein the two engage in fight together. China Roces reveals that Tim Sawyer has a new woman in his life and flirting with other woman. Roces reveals that Tim is willing to leave his wife and son Timothy for the sake of [...]

Famous vlogger Tim Sawyer and China Roces makes noise on social media wherein the two broke up due to Tim Sawyer cheating act with another. According to China, Tim currently acquired assets like house and etc aiming to leave her and son Timothy. China also reveals she also suffers a miscarriage due to Tim abusive [...]

It is believed that the COVID-19 pandemic first started on a province in China, Hubei. The coronavirus was first identified around November and December 2019 and still continues to spread all over the world. The virus is transmitted through small droplets of body fluid including coughing, sneezing and talking—the main reason why people are required [...]

Corporate giants counting Nike confront developing calls to cut ties with providers affirmed to be utilizing “constrained or forced labor” from China’s Uighur (Turkic) people. Activists have propelled a campaign blaming firms of “bolstering and benefiting” from misuse of the Muslim minority group. The US has also sloped up economic weight, caution firms against doing [...]

https://youtu.be/flnEMoaaWeI The Autonomous six-wheeled robot, typified in a protective probe, was lifted off Soil by a Long March 5 rocket from the Wenchang spaceport on Hainan Island at 12:40 local time. It ought to arrive in a circle around the Ruddy Planet in February. Called Tianwen-1, or Questions to Heaven, the wanderer won’t attempt to [...]

Travel restrictions were imposed by President Trump, further sanctions were possible and Beijing vowing relation. New York Times stated that citing four people familiar with proposed USA travel ban could be applicable to 92 Million party list members. The ban would be similar to the 2017 travel ban on Muslim-majority countries in the president the [...]