Watch: AFP Western Command suspects China of harvesting corals in Rozul Reef in the West Philippine Sea


The Armed Forces of the Philippines-Western Command has raised concerns over the suspected activities of Chinese maritime militia vessels, which are believed to be involved in the unauthorized harvesting of corals in Rozul (Iroquois) Reef.

This alarming development has sparked heightened scrutiny and underscores the ongoing challenges in the West Philippine Sea, where issues related to territorial disputes and environmental preservation continue to be of significant concern. Efforts are being made to monitor and address this situation to protect the delicate marine ecosystems in the region and uphold international maritime laws and agreements.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines has also documented a resurgence in swarming activities in the West Philippine Sea. Just last night, 40 Chinese vessels were observed in Rozul Reef, marking a concerning escalation in the area.

When questioned regarding the AFP’s remarks concerning coral harvesting and swarming incidents in the West Philippine Sea, the Chinese embassy in the Philippines responded via text message, asserting,”China has indisputable sovereignty over the Nansha Islands and their adjacent waters.”

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