Actress Flora Gasser Cause of Déäth

Actress Flora Gasser, a seasoned actress, has passed away. Valerie Ocampo, Flora’s granddaughter, who posted a picture of the actress on Facebook, verified this.

The actress Flora Gasser had a long career. In her career, she has participated in several comedies. She has recently gained attention due to her [email protected] on Saturday, November 19. 

On November 19, seasoned actress Flora Gasser passed away.

Valerie states that the wake for her grandma is taking place in Quezon City at Room 304 of St. Peter’s Chapel Commonwealth.  Wake will go till November 22.

She stated that Lola Flora was now with Harry Gasser, her late husband.

Valerie concluded by thanking everyone who has sent their condolences to her family during their difficult time.

“Our Lola, Flora Gasser, passed away yesterday and is now with the Lord and with our Lolo Harry,” Valerie stated.

On Sunday, November 20, Valerie Ocampo, her granddaughter, announced her passing; however, her cause of death was never made public by her family.

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