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#DisbarGadon Went Viral on Twitter

The hashtag #DisbarGadon went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. A support group for people living with HIV and AIDS is considering filing criminal and disbarment raps against lawyer Larry Gadon for falsely suggesting on-air that the late President Benigno Aquino III had HIV.

The Red Whistle strongly condemns in unequivocal terms a statement made by Atty. Larry Gadon, maliciously imputing that former President Noynoy Aquino had HIV, in violation of Republic Act No. 11166 or the Philippine HIV Policy Act.

Section 44, Article 6 of RA 11166 explicitly mentioned a rule on confidentiality.

“The confidentiality and privacy of any individual who has been tested for HIV, has been exposed to HIV, has HIV infection or HIV- and AIDS-related illnesses, or was treated for HIV-related illnesses shall be guaranteed,” the law reads.

“Unless otherwise provided in Section 45 of this Act, it shall be unlawful to disclose, without written consent, information that a person has AIDS, has undergone HIV-related test, has HIV infection or HIV-related illnesses, or has been exposed to HIV,” it added.

According to some Netizens, “You know what sir, when you die I don’t think anyone will mourn for you. Well, maybe your family but I hope you fade into oblivion and we forget that you ever existed.”

“Is someone going to file a case against Gadon for violating RA 11166? This can also be a disbarment case. I hope someone does. Heard in this vid – Gadon saying that the former President died because of complications attributed to HIV.”

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