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#MAGANDANG DILAG Challenge Went Viral After Young Lady Fell Into Muddy Field

Popular videos of “Magandang Dilag” continues to dominate in various social media platforms including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook where everyone shared videos of their own version to create impression and garner massive views.

The viral dance craze brought by the #MAGANDANGDILAGCHALLENGE becomes more popular following after a young lady fell into a muddy field while she performed her own rendition of “Magandang Dilag” video.

The online community was doing search to this video just to watch her epic fail video with hashtag #slomopamore.

Watch video here:

The Filipino artist who made the composition and produced this song “Magandang Dilag”, Kiko “KIKX” Salazar which sung by JM Bales did not expect his composition would become a hit and would be used in a big event.

This rose to fame after the song was heard from the Miss Universe Philippines held last October 2020. From there, different renditions of the songs because of the video challenge which become a massive produce of videos online.

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