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Arrogant Grandpa Lambasted President Duterte Administration, Isko Moreno and Manny Pacquiao

This grandpa is expressing his sentiment against the President Duterte’s Administration. In this video he criticizes the President and other government officials including Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and Senator Manny Pacquiao.

In this video, the arrogant grandpa also mentioned his favored politicians in the line of 8 and mentioned Antonio Trillanes.

The comment section flooded with criticism from Duterte’s Administration supporters. But those people on the other side finds comfort with this arrogant grandpa, even if it is noticeably he is speaking words of condemnation that brilliant people can simply understand the frustration of this man without a valid reason.

Some netizens expressed in the comment section saying this man is out of his mind.

Here are several comments from the online community:

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