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JOHN REGALA: Actor Apologizes to Idol Raffy Tulfo saying, “Sir Tulfo, Pasensya na po kayo”

John Regala went to Raffy Tulfo and emotionally ask for an apology to broadcaster Raffy Tulfo.

As the actor went through difficult stage in his life after he suffered from a severe illnesses called liver cirrhosis, lot of people and his fellow celebrities extend their help to the veteran actor John Regala.

Netizen named, John Paul Guido Boucher Scherrer, is the one who reveals the real condition of the actor.

Celebrities such as Chuckie Dreyfus, Nadia Montenegro, and Aster Amoyo are some of the celebrities that supports the financial need of the actor. However, earlier this week, these celebrities said that they’re gonna stop supporting the actor due to his uncooperative behavior as a patient.

Recently, the YouTube channel “Raffy Tulfo in Action” has shared the video footage of the Pinoy actor apologizing to Raffy Tulfo over his uncooperative behavior regarding his medical treatment.

As it was in the video, Regala is apologized to Raffy Tulfo for being a burden to him. He also apologized for being involved in the controversy with some of his friends in showbiz.

Sir Tulfo, ako’y nahihiya dahil kayo ang tumutulong kaysa kayo po ang tinutulungan, pasensya na po kayo. Ang inyo pong tulong ay nandito po sa aking puso,” John Regala said.

Watch the video here:

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