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After several weeks of waiting the result of DNA test of John Regala and John Santos, finally, the result has come through the help of Idol Raffy Tulfo. In the previous video of Raffy Tulfo in Action, John Santos has made confession that the actor is his father. Santos narrated that his mother meets John [...]

The issue about money donation of the actor John Regala during his hospitalization is making noise in the social media because of several showbiz personalities were allegedly involved into it. At this time, the wife of the actor Chuckie Dreyfus, comes into the scene to clarify the issue that John Regala claimed he did not [...]

John Regala went to Raffy Tulfo and emotionally ask for an apology to broadcaster Raffy Tulfo. As the actor went through difficult stage in his life after he suffered from a severe illnesses called liver cirrhosis, lot of people and his fellow celebrities extend their help to the veteran actor John Regala. Netizen named, John [...]

Actor John Regala was finally discharged after eight days of confinement at the hospital. To recall, on this past few weeks, actor John Regala was one of the most trending celebrity in social media and in television. This was after he was spotted by a GrabFood driver on the streets in Pasay City feeling dizzy [...]

John Regalas first wife Aurina Alvarez Manansala was interviewed in Raffy Tulfo program in his recent episode. Manansala was askes about the help she is giving to her former husband. However, Manansala appeal to their adopted children amid Regalas current situation. According to Tulfo, Regala has been neglected bay his own family. With that, the [...]

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo the program features the recent health condition John Regala wherein the actor is seen helpless in the streets after suffering from liver cirrhosis. A certain netizen take a photo of Regala and tagged it to Raffy Tulfo In Action, and here is the programs response. Idol Raffy the [...]