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Viral now the photo of the birth certificates of two babies who were born this March and named after the pandemic coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Novel coronavirus or the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been the most discussed topic on the news and social media in and out of the country. The COVID-19 is spreading so fast in various regions around the world. [...]

Viral now in social media is an heartwarming wedding wherein a father do his best to attend his daughter wedding despite of being late and many obstacles that comes in his way. According to a certain post in Facebook: Yesterday’s wedding was not about grandness and glamour. It’s a normal bride-walking-down-the-aisle-moment, the groom was crying [...]

Viral now in social media, the doctor who becomes enrage after a child accidentally scracth him in the bus. In the video there was a man say “bata lang naka gasgas dyan eh”. The doctor becomes hysterical and made a scene in the bus which annoy his fellow passenger. One of the passenger noted “kumalma [...]

Viral now in social media is the clash between Ex Batallion member skusta clee clashed with a fan during a certain concert. Here you can witness during the performance Skusta and a fan made a conversation wherein minutes after they began to clash on a heated conversation. Skusta tries to slap the phone of the [...]

Furious passenger shouting and cursing Angkas Driver who comes late on their pickup area caught in camera viral now. In this video footage appeared the enraged commuter displays untoward behavior in dealing with his driver after arriving late at the pickup area. After this video uploaded on Facebook under the Facebook account of Jenylyn Hermosa, [...]

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action Mr. And Mrs Paredes goes to the program to ask assistance against a certain enrage Doctor named Tomas Joaquin Paredes who allegedly harassed them and even stone on their van. According to Mr. Paredes they are in the right lane and going to [...]

Viral now in social media is a street vendor forcefully taken out of his place in Cebu City. According to eye witness the street vendor cannot be taken out his place easily that why the authorities is using force. In the video you can witness that the authorities tries to apprehend the vendor by confiscating [...]

Viral now in social media a wedding ceremony that catches the attention of the netizens wherein the Ex boyfriend and the bride spotted crying in front of the groom. Some speculated that the two has still have feelings for each other, but it is not clear why they have broked up. In the video you [...]

Viral now in the internet is the nerve wrecking crossing of a land cruiser in the flooded streets of Claveria. The driver and passenger was so gutsy to cross the flooded streets on the way to Ilocos. Flooded streets of Claveria According to one of the girl passengers “hala pumapasok na yung tubig at basa [...]

Celebrity actress Nadine Lustre express her reaction in the online world following after her daring photos during her birthday that is now continuously spreading in an online world. Last October 31, Nadine was celebrating her 26th birthday and captioned the event as “Pasabog” where the celebration showcase daring photos of the actress that catches the [...]