Raffy Tulfo Called on the Public to Silence Jovelyn Galleno’s Family

Concerning the continuing investigation into Jovelyn Galleno, the young woman who disappeared in Palawan last August, Raffy Tulfo made a statement. Tulfo stated that it was the last time they assisted them following Joebert Valdestamon and Leobert Dasmariñas’ polygraph test results were released. It appears that they are still being covered and are no longer … Read more

Julia Montes Shares Susan Roces Wrote Her Handwritten Letters

Julia Montes, a Kapamilya actress, displayed handwritten notes from the late renowned actress Susan Roces. Even Julia Montes is saddened by the death of Susan Roces. She displayed the handwritten letters she received from the renowned actress in an Instagram picture. Before FPJAP, the two collaborated on the program “Walang Hanggan.” Jesusa Purificacion Levy Sonora, … Read more

Raffy Tulfo is Not in Favor of the Shutdown of ABS-CBN

The new senator is opposed to shutting down ABS-CBN. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and Solicitor General Jose Calida released a cease-and-desist order against ABS-CBN on May 5, 2020. Members of the House of Representatives, namely the Committee on Legislative Franchises, voted 70–11 on July 10, 2020, to refuse ABS- CBN’s franchise application, stating many concerns with … Read more

Raffy Tulfo in Action on September 27, 2021

You can now watch the latest episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action on September 27, 2021. He is a known champion of the poor. He fights for the downtrodden – many of whom are laborers – who flock to his radio show every day to seek his help. Raffy Tulfo is the main anchor of … Read more

Whamos Cruz ipina-Tulfo Goes Viral Online

Controversial Vlogger Whamos Cruz and girlfriend Antonette Gail Del Rosario are now being talked on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Whamos Cruz went viral when the mother of Antonette Gail Del Rosario ask help to Raffy Tulfo on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. They met once when the girl imitated the dance … Read more

Mang Inasal Issue Statement Against Manager Allegedly do Bad Things

The PR manager of Mang Inasal has issued a statement regarding the controversy allegedly involving their manager in the Hidalgo, Plaza Miranda branch. Mang Inasal immediately responded to the controversy where it was discovered that one of their managers allegedly placed a cellphone camera in the supposed stock room to do naughty things. One of … Read more

Livestream: Raffy Tulfo in Action on July 9, 2021

You can watch here the live episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action on July 9, 2021. Raffy Tulfo is the favorite program of the netizens because it gives justice and fair services as well as financial aid to the victims. Raffy Tulfo is the main anchor of a long-existing top-rated radio program WANTED SA RADYO “Raffy Tulfo … Read more

Live Now: Raffy Tulfo in Action on June 18, 2021

Raffy Tulfo is the main anchor of a long existing top rated radio program WANTED SA RADYO “Raffy Tulfo in Action,” and also a anchor of AKSYON SA TANGHALI, a noontime newscast that is aired daily on TV5. Until now the action center of TV5 Media Center, Reliance Street in Mandaluyong City is still closed … Read more