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Billy Jack Sanchez challenge Erwin Tulfo to do a drug test live, “If na negative ako sa drug test e shut down mo yung TV show mo.” He also challenge to do an IQ test with Erwin Tulfo. Recently, Billy arguing with the traffic enforcer insisted that he did not commit a traffic violation. He [...]

Watch the full episode on Raffy Tulfo in Action on January 18, 2021 (Tuesday). Idol Raffy Tulfo is a media personality with a widespread influence and connection to the government agencies that can help him solve issues with a very minimal timeline. Tulfo himself may even take action against the complainant and may refer him/her [...]

Watch the 2 days Christmas Special of Raffy Tulfo in Action on Thursday, December 24, 2020. Filipinos love this program of idol Raffy Tulfo knowing that this man knows nobody when it comes to public service. Whoever you’re as long as the public service is concerned and in the name of the truth, idol Raffy Tulfo is the man [...]

Day 2 Raffy Tulfo in Action Live Coverage the Case of Sonya & Frank Anthony Gregorio Killed by Police Jonel Nuezca on Tuesday, December 22, 2020. Live Coverage video of Raffy Tulfo in Action on the latest shooting incident involvement of Police Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca who killed Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio last [...]

The Central Luzon police says PSMS Jonel Nuezca, the cop who shot dead a mother and son in Tarlac, had faced criminal and administrative cases in the previous years. Accordingly, there are 6 other administrative cases filed “The cases are 2 grave misconduct dated May 9 December 29 last year, Serious neglect of duty, Less [...]

Wanted Sa Radyo with idol Raffy Tulfo is now airing live here on this page covering episodes of today, Wednesday, November 25, 2020 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Filipinos loves this program of idol Raffy Tulfo knowing that this man knows nobody when it comes to public service. Whoever you’re as long as the [...]

Alexis Hart Garcia Pina-TULFO si Aling Susan on Friday, November 6, 2020. According to Mela Franco Habijan, “Si Alexis, isang trans sister sa Antipolo, ay palagiang pinag-iinitan ng isang matandang babae sa Antipolo dahil siya’y “bakla”. Kahapon, ang ating kapatid ay binato ni Aling Susan nang walang dahilan.” In the official Facebook account of Alexis [...]

Following the complaints of Super Tekla’s live-in partner, Michelle Banaag, the Raffy Tulfo’s lawyer, Atty. Garreth Tungol did an informal cross-examination in the program that reveals the truth over controversial accusations against Romeo Librada aka Super Tekla. Image from PEP.ph Meanwhile, Atty. Garreth conducts an on-the-spot cross-examination and interrogation of Michelle. And that made the [...]

The Ex live-in partner of Super Tekla named Airyn Gonzales tells Raffy Tulfo everything about the true personality of Super Tekla. Romeo Librada (Super Tekla) was accused by his live-in partner Michelle Lhor Bana-ag for Physical abuse and marital r*pe which was aired last October 20, 2020 on Wanted sa Radyo by Raffy Tulfo. Meanwhile, [...]

Raffy Tulfo in Action episode on October 20, 2020 featured Michelle Bagaan who complained her live-in partner TV host and comedian Super Tekla following after the issue of forcing her to make love with her even if she refuses for some reason. Bagaan was able to document a video during their hated argument and forwarded [...]