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Xian Gaza regrets buying Mustang for Nadine Lustre?

Famous Internet personality Xian Gaza shows regression from buying Mustang as Valentine’s gift for Nadine Lustre after he sees this recent photo.

As we remember before the Valentines day Xian Gaza, the famous personality and businessman that is known for scam activities have gained online reports after giving his grand gift for Nadine Lustre.

Gaza caught attention when he posted his “Bouquet of Mustang” asking Nadine to be his date this Valentine. He said that this is his way of showing his best to get the attention of the girl she likes.

And because he values the actress as a woman, he considered himself buying her the “Bouquet of Mustang”. On the other hand, there was still no response from the actress that is busy working for her upcoming series with the returning actress Julia Montes entitled “Burado” .

According to Gaza the flowers he bought with the Mustang were donated to the church in Navotas City and the car was parked in Quezon City. And even though Nadine won’t accept the car he will have it auctioned publicly under the brand name “The XiaDine Mustang”.

Xian Gaza

He then posted his Contingency Plan B.

That is he was looking for someone that ages 18-26 years old and who doesn’t look like a “tilapia”.

Xian Gaza

And as soon as he sees Nadine’s photoshoot while the actress rides a motorcycle, he then expresses himself,

“Shuta red sniper pala dapat hindi red Mustang!”

Xian Gaza

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