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Dr. Grace Tan, spokesperson of the City’s Interagency Task Force Against COVID-19 stated that the first Covid-positive patient in Bacolod City, a 56-year-old male with travel history to the United Kingdom, has tested negative on follow up testing and is recovering, Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Bacolod City.  As of (March 29, 2020) update for BACOLOD City: PUMs (accounted [...]

The coronavirus cases in the Philippines continue increasing since the first case detected in the country. Today the Department of Health (DOH) recorded 803 confirmed cases and death toll of 54 with total recovered patients of 31 as of writing. One among the coronavirus positive patients in the country is actress Iza Calzado. She was [...]

The fight against unseen enemy like the coronavirus is hard to determine where to go and when to end and what best weapon to destroy against the killer disease. Hospital staff and medical team combine forces to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that is now on its way of invading mankind bringing panic and calamity [...]

The Belgian health authorities stated that there a pet cat has been infected with the novel coronavirus in Belgium. Cases of contamination of pets are rare, reports are similar cases in Hong Kong where two dogs tested positive for Coronavirus disease.   According to Doctor Emmanuel Andre, close contact between animals and infected humans are some isolated cases. The [...]

There are doctors and nurses who have died from Coronavirus, and there will continue to be deaths in the health care community. Let us continue praying for other front-liners who tested positive and are currently in quarantine, especially those in critical condition. Thank you for bravely standing on the frontlines, Doctors!  Dr. Raul Jara, Cardiologist, Philippine Heart Center Dr. Rose Pulido, [...]

Netizens notice a TV show on Netflix seemed to predict the coronavirus pandemic back in 2018. The title of this Korean series is ‘My Secret Terrius’ that was released way back in 2018 which they mention the Coronavirus. In episode 10 of ‘My Secret Terrius’, several viruses have been mentioned and it became associated with the COVID-19 outbreak.  In the episode, [...]

The case of coronavirus in the Philippines continue increasing in number with 803 total patients confirmed cases, 54 reported deaths and 31 recovered as of writing. Reportedly, the Department of Health (DOH) recorded the youngest patient of coronavirus in the country at the age of one (1) year old and nine months in the province [...]

BACOLOD CITY- The City Health Office of Bacolod city continue monitoring Person Under Monitoring (PUM) and Person Under Investigation (PUI) while the office of the governor in the province of Negros Occidental, Eugenio Jose “Bong” Lacson is preparing for the contingency plan to implement enhance community quarantine for the entire province to be started on Monday, March [...]

The coronavirus cases in Italy drastically increased as the world’s highest record of death toll of 712 in one day. Fighting coronavirus disease becomes the first priority of all nations agenda on how to solve the problem. Scientist and experts in the field of medicine are working hand-in-hand together to come up with the vaccine [...]

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic becomes the most talk in the online world as the deadly virus brought worldwide attention due to the disease that infects hundreds of thousands patients and killed more twenty-one thousand all over the globe. So far, there are so many tips circulating on social media platform like Facebook and [...]