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Angel Locsin Wants Julia Montes to be the Darna?

Angel Locsin and Julia Montes made an intriguing message on Instagram post.

According to Angel, she decided to not renew her contract with the ABS CBN because she is helping her fiancée Neil Arce prepare for their upcoming wedding. Angel is now a promising actress in the Philippines. She played the “Alwina in the Kapuso fantasy-film Mulawin” and the Filipino superhero “Darna”.

The Filipino actress is now 34 years old and called the “real-life Darna” or the “real-life angel” of the many because of her generosity for the people who are affected in the calamities. Last December she is awarded by Forbes Asia  as one of the region’s “Heroes of Philanthropy.”

Angel was supposed to be the Darna, again. But declined due to her back injury. And now, the new Darna was Jane de Leon. A former Girltrends.

The actress was congratulated by social media because she got the Darna role. Last month, Director Jerrold Tarog confirmed that they officially start filming the movie.

Not so long ago, Angel Locsin made an intriguing message on Julia Montes’ Instagram post. Its when the younger actress shared a teaser of her latest series ‘24/7.’ She just called Julia “My Darna [heart emoji].” And her comment on the video triggered the netizens to react.

Angel Locsin’s controversial comment excites the online community. Here are some of their comments based on Fashion Pulis:

“So ayaw niya kay Jane as Darna?”

“Siya ba ang bet ni angel?”

“She did not say she’s against Jane. She called Julia, Darna, as her term of endearment. Lawakan ang isip.”

“Baka words of admiration lang yan… ghourl??”

“Bagay na bagay maging darna si Julia eh.salamat angel love love”

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