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KathNiel, LizQuen Avid Fans React to James Reid-Nadine Lustre Breakup

Aside from JaDine celebrity loveteam, LizQuen and KathNiel are of the same popularity in the showbiz business that earned a lot of fans and followers in social media.

In connection to the breakup of JaDine reality loveteam with James Reid and Nadine Lustre, avid fans of KathNiel that composed of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla and LizQuen also composed of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil had express reaction to the breakup of Nadine Lustre and James Reid.

After about a month of rumors since the breakup issue of James and Nadine first surface in social media, finally, the ex-couple signify their official breakup through a Joint Statement confirming that their relationship is over. JaDine loveteam is one among the most favorite onscreen tandems that earned the loyalty of fans and followers online. James and Nadine loveteam also discover themselves true love in the real life after several years in the show business.

The breakup news of JaDine loveteam broke the heart of the multitude of fans and followers in the online world. Following after the breakup issue of James and Nadine, the fandom of LizQuen and KathNiel also expressed their reaction regarding the breakup of JaDine tandem and gives advice to LizQuen and KathNiel their favorite couple who remain strong in spite of the bashers behind.

Similar article published by Cosmo, that fans and supporters of Kathryn & Daniel and Liza & Enrique expressed emotions for being saddened about the breakup ending story of the JaDine loveteam.

Their avid fans of the two loveteams are wishing and giving advices to continue their loveteam and remain strong in spite of issues behind them. Some of the fans give advice to protect their relationship no matter what it costs. While some of the avid fans express feelings that they can’t imagine what will happen if the two love teams will also come to the point of breaking up their tandem.

It can be remembered that Joshlia loveteam composed of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, also broke up early than the JaDine loveteam sometimes last year. The end of their tandem was publicize after their second anniversary.

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