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Former Actor Jiro Manio Arrested by Police after Allegedly Stabbing a man

A former child actor Jiro Manio has been arrested by police after allegedly stabbing a man in Barangay San Roque in Marikina City Friday night. According to the chief of Marikina City Police, Police Col. Restituto Arcangel stated that they received a call for an alleged stabbing in M.A. Roxas Street in San Roque.

When police arrived at the scene, residents were holding the suspect and turnover to the police. The victim was rushed to the hospital after two stab wounds to the shoulder using a non-specific object.


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Authorities are still investigating the incident. What happens to a former FAMAS Award for Best Child Actor Jiro Manio? We will update this post once the authority announces online.

The chief of Marikina City Police, Police Col. Restituto Arcangel will announce later when they finish investigating the incident.

We all know that Manio is underwent rehabilitation treatment for drug addiction. He then entered a drug rehabilitation facility after realizing that he was throwing his life away.

After the initial phase of his rehabilitation, Home Care allowed him to finish his senior year of high school. Last January 2016, Manio was released from a rehabilitation center after months of treatment but returned to in February due to his chronic health condition.

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