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Miss Universe Catriona Grey “Reflection” gown “Inspiration & Details”

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Grey on her final walk as Miss Universe wore another awesome gown “Relflection”.

Here are the details and inspiration of the gown:

Catriona Grey in Reflection Gown


According to Mark Tumang is it inspired from the vision of a Philippine Eagle flying over the seas of the archipelago. The designer also added that due to the eagles’ sharp sight it can manage to look at the sea to see its own reflection on the shiny waters of the country.

“The creation’s inspiration stems from the vision of the Philippine Eagle flying over the flawless turquoise seas embracing our archipelago,” the designer said. He also explained the ability of the Philippine eagle to soar up the clouds but still, it can “manage to look down until the point of reflecting itself on the shiny waters.”

It is remembered that during Catriona Grey journey in Miss Universe, Mark Tumang is her designer wherein she wears her iconic Mayon inspired red gown which becomes trending and well known around the world.

Catriona In Mayon Volcano Gown

Recently Cat makes it final walk and becomes emotional wherein she cannot forget her experience as Miss Universe and thanks the support of her mom and dad, to all her supporters and those who believe in her capacity, to all the Filipino people and most of all she acknowledge GOD and give him the glory.

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