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WATCH: Catriona Gray’s “Emotional Final Walk & Speech” as Miss Universe

Watch Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray final walk as Miss Universe.

Here Catriona words “as women to redefined our generation, I wanted my reign with a purpose from advocating quality education and promote awareness against HIV/AIDS” shed added “Thank you for mom and dad for supporting me, Paula and Esther for being a good mentor and to all the Miss Universe organization”.

Gray added “For my beloved Philippines at mga kababayan isang karangalan po ito above all Thank you GOD i give all the glory to you, to everyone with a dream you are never denied but you are only directed”.

She noted that she is really privileges to represent country “Thank you for the bottom of my heart” addressed to her fans and supporters.

This is a big a journey for Catriona and Filipino people are also honored to be their Miss Universe 2018 with a great passion to help and promoting her advocacy to its its best until its fulfillment.


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