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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Police Operations To Convince “Ryker Shafer” To Surrender The Man That Brutally Almost Killed His Wife Part 1 and 2

Im the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo in Action, remember Ryker Shafer the man that brutally almost killed his wife Danics Nunez.

As an update police are now conducting operations to apprehend the suspect with the help of Mr. Ferdinand Ignacio a gay who is allegedly that had an affair with the suspect.

According Mr. Ignacio after the crime is commited Shafer goes to him and tell him that he killed his wife and leave their child to him and then Shafer promise to surrender promise to authorities but failed to do so.

He added that together with the police they try to convince Ryker to talk to his lawyer and surrender but Shafers family is against it, Ignacio said “meron atang bumubulong na huwag syang sumurender and tinatago sya ng pamilya nya”

He noted that if the situation calls for him to be a witness he will be willing to be in any court of law throughout the country.

Meanwhile the police and Mr. Ignacio failed to convice Shafer to surrender and they go back to plan their next step.

Hopefully the family must not protect the suspect and voluntarily hand him to the authorities or else they will face a case obstruction of justice.

Part 1 Rkyer shafer almost killed his wife

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