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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Viral Video Of Grab Driver “Rey Tugade” Punched By Enraged Jan Mercado Now Face Its Demise

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action a certain Viral Video of heated argument between a couple and a grab driver turns out to be physical injury due to misunderstanding.

The name of the grab driver is Mr. Rey Tugade the vicrtim and the enraged suspect is Jan Mercado. In the video we can see that Mercado is shouting and punching the poor grab driver which Mr. Tugade incurs a blackeye due to punching in the eye.

As a clarification according to Mr. Jack Tan operations manager of grab Mr. Tugade is only following the law mandated by the LTFRB no more no less, Mr. Tan also added thr grab organization is on Mr. Tugades back and will help him file legal charges against Mr. Mercado and his wife with regards to the claim that Mr. Mercado is a grab driver and the passenger is a only a kid Mr Tan noted Mr. Mercado is not a grab driver their is no file record of him employed in grab and LTFRB rule toddler kids are still counted as one.

Now Mercado will face multiple cases physical injury, child abuse, grave threat, damage to property, scandal.

The Grab driver explained the main reason behind why 4 is only allowed due to insurance reason and if they fail to do so they will face charges from LTFRB.

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Idol Raffy is on the move to let Mr. Mercado pay for what he has done and show sympathy towards Mr. Tugade.

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