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Viral video: Actress Ivana Alawi Disgusted Of The Chicken BBQ Served By Mang Inasal

Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi becomes viral now as she ordered a bbq chicken on Mang inasal and when she opened it she was surprised that there was a fly eggs on the chicken.

Alawi noted she was this was her first time of being disgusted on the food serve and added she cannot really believed on what happened.

Ivana alawi

Alawi ” this was my first time of being disgusted and lost my appetite eating this kind of food” She added its was scary on how they passed the health department on preparing their chicken bbq.

The actress noted that she did this was to cause awareness to other food serving estsblishment out there to be aware and check always the food they delivered and also served.

Alawi is a current kapamilya actress who work in the numerous project in the network namely Ang Probinsyano with Coco Martin as Madonna and recently concluded primetime series Sino ang may sala with Jodie Sta. Maria.

The actual statement of Mang inasal has not yet released.

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