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Kung May Battered Woman, Si Khasrodin ay Battered Live-in Partner

Most of the cases, the woman is the victim as a battered wife. But this is a unique cases among the many stories as the man is the victim as battered live-in partner. Khasrodin comes to Raffy Tulfo in Action to seek help from idol Raffy that he wants to escape from his bitter live-in partner Shalle Madduma.

Khasrodin narrated he and Shalle is having an affair that started in a dramatic and considered unique circumstances that after their romantic date ended him to imprisoned as he was set up by his live-in partner.

He told idol Raffy Tulfo that his live-in partner is desperate nagger who can always find him fault all the time even if he went to the comfort room and during the time they go to bed together, his live-in partner always thinking of him doing something bad.

When idol Raffy called the attention of Shalle by phone, the live-in partner woman told other story totally different from the explanation of Khasrodin to idol Raffy Tulfo.

This is the reason that many among the netizens doubt of the story of Khasrodin but idol Raffy finds way to prove him true assuring him to help if he told exactly as he said.

On the other hand, Shalle Madduma is having a pending case filed by her owned mother in their barangay with robbery to her own mother and other case from the one of the boarders.

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