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May Kabit Daw si Misis, Bwelta Nya, Mas Marami ang sa Kay Mister

Rampant today to hear a story like this.

This couple came to “Raffy Tulfo in Action” to settle dispute between two of them.

This is one of a kind interesting to watch this couple accusing one another.

According to guy, si missis nya may ibang lalaki at sagot naman ng babae mas marami ang ang kabit ng kanyang mister.
As I watched the video, this two couple is in the same wrong direction and the issue they brought to idol Raffy is sounds accusing of the same case to one against another.

Raffy Tulfo suggested to stop all the accusations as they see it they’re both blamable in both side. Idol Raffy suggested to settle all the matter to the office of their barangay and sign agreement supporting one another to their children.

You can express your comments to this couple by writing it on the box below and let’s see who will agree with you and who will disagree.

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