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Actual VIDEO FOOTAGE: 600-Ft Rooftop Swimming Pool Spilling Down During Earthquake From Manila Skyscraper

The devastating 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck part of Luzon last Monday (April 22, 2019) causing the premature death of 11 people and injured 30 others due to a building collapsed in Manila.

During the quake, one netizen, identified in the person of Michael Rivo shared his captured video which also appeared at the Facebook page “Fox 10 Phoenix” what was happening during the quake in Manila. In this video footage water spills coming from the 600-feet high rooftop swimming pool of Manila Skyscraper as the earthquake hits in the area.

According to report, the water spilling was coming from the 82-feet-loong swimming pool and children’s pool from skyscraper in Manila pouring out to the nearby building, Anchor Skysuites.

The video shows of the building continue swaying and water spilling from the rooftop pool.

Watch video here:

Some of the netizens watching this video had express their opinion. Read them here below.

Rooftop Pool
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