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Erich Gonzales Wounded, Lovi Poe Hurts on Her Neck sa SAMPALAN during “The Significant Other” Shoot

Hurting scenes during the movie shoot is not easy to perform, regardless of your experience and expertise on the field of acting there are times that scenes becomes overwhelming with emotions that leads acting goes beyond control.

During the shoot of “The Significant Other,” lead actress Erich Gonzales got wounded by the earring of Lovi Poe when the two encounters during the most challenging scene where there are exchanging of slapping in both parties.

Fans and supporters got excited watching the episode and when the video was uploaded and shared online it garners hundreds of thousand shares and comments and posted on many micro-blogging sites.

There was a break called due to the incident that made the actress Erich Gonzales scared from seeing the blood on her hand. She took the rest as you see her, before the shoot resume.

Lovi Poe was also hurt on her neck during the scene as you can see it on the video clip on this page.

Click it to watch the video and leave comment with us and let see who among the fans to agree with you or disagree.

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